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Angels Don't See Sunny-side of Loss, Drop Day Game In Seattle 2-1

The boxscore will read: single, sac bunt, ground out, and single. The real version is check-swing dribbler for a hit, sac bunt, ground out, and a fly ball to center that was lost in the sun by Torii Hunter that scored Jack Cust from third to end the game.

Regardless of which version you believe, the truth is the Angels have now lost 5-in-a-row, and 7 of 8. Within those 5 straight loses are two 2-game series sweeps at the hands of the A’s and Mariners.  The Angels (22-23) head home from their 7-game road trip, going 1-6, and dropping from first to third in the AL West.

Scott Downs (1-1) was the tough luck pitcher during this fiasco, recording his first lose as an Angel. David Pauley (2-0) gets the win for Seattle by pitching a scoreless 9th and being in the right place in the bright sun.

Once again Dan Haren pitched well enough to win, giving up just one run in 8 innings on 3 hits. Haren was the victim of an extremely tight strike zone as he uncharacteristically walked 4 batter and striking out 5.

The Angels lone run came on Howie Kendrick’s 7th home run of the season in the 4th. It was the first run the Angels had scored in their last 24 innings, and have now scored once in 30 innings.