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Gio Gonzalez Two-Hits Angels in 14-0 Slaughter / Laugher

Tyler Chatwood lost his second major league game but hardly looked like the only minor leaguer on the Angels. Meanwhile Oakland’s Gio Gonzalez looked nothing like the pitcher who gave up seven earned runs in one inning last week in Texas. OF course, the Angels offense specializes i making mediocre men appear to be Sandy Koufax. The Halos managed two hits and were down 8-0 entering the 6th when Kevin Jepsen allowed five more runs and Rich Thompson tossed one on the barbie as well.

Water finds its own level and the fast-sinking Angels head to Seattle to see if the lowly Mariners too are superior to the team that seemingly cannot shoot straight since getting word that slugger Kendrys Morales will not be with them for the rest of the season. The Angels are 1-5 since the announcement was made, their worst six-game stretch of the season. Vernon Wells fans have to love the appearance of inadequacy that is bubbling over on this team coinciding with the former slugger’s groin injury. It would have been hard to score negative runs tonight, but with Vernon in the lineup the Angels might actually have defied physics and done so. They certainly defied any and all comparisons to professional baseball players, with the exception that they will be cashing Arte Moreno’s checks that arrived in the clubhouse tonight.