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Angels Vs. A's: Start Time Delayed By Rain

The Angels are ready to start their divisional game in Oakland Monday night against the A's, but mother nature is not cooperating. It is currently raining in Oakland, and the 7:05 p.m. PDT start time has been pushed back. Angels' broadcaster Victor Rojas tweeted the details:

The alleged start time for tonight's game is now 7:35pm. #goodluckwiththat

The Weather Channel shows wind and thunderstorms in tonight's forecast, with a 10-30% chance of precipitation over the next two hours, before 9 p.m. PDT. Then again, it shows a 50% chance of rain right now, when it is actually raining, so adjust your expectations accordingly.

The Angels have been no stranger to rain this season. On May 4 in Boston, the Angels and Red Sox battled through several rain delays, then into extra innings in a game that ended at 2:45 a.m. local time in Boston, with a day game the next day. Announcers Rojas and Mark Gubicza donned Angels wrestling masks late in that game for good luck, an Angels' win in 13 innings. We'll see if they have to bust out the headgear tonight in Oakland.

Tonight's game will be televised by KCOP. For more news and information on the Angels, or on tonight's game, be sure to read the SB Nation blog Halos Heaven.