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Albert Pujols' New Contract Has Full No-Trade Clause With Angels

The dust has begun to settle but the shock still hasn't worn off of the fact the Albert Pujols in now, and likely forevermore, going to be a Los Angeles Angel of Anaheim. Has a great ring to doesn't it? 

Anyway, Pujols' contract is a large one, but it also a protected one, complete with a full-no trade clause, meaning he's likely to finish his career with the Halos

Via Bill Plunkett on Twitter: 

Pujols gets full no-trade from #Angels. Deal is for 10 yrs $250m with complicated clauses, etc. that could take it slightly higher.
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The no-trade clause was something very important to Albert, as he is a guy who gives everyone their due respect and expects the same in return. If he's going to play somewhere, he wanted it to be on his terms, which were not having to worry about all these headaches involved with the trading process. Now that he knows he's simply a Halo, he can just focus on his work at being one of the greatest players this game will ever see. 

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