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Jerry Dipoto: Don't Rule Out Angels In Albert Pujols Or Prince Fielder Sweepstakes

The Los Angeles Angels might try and make some moves this offseason. And not just any low-profile signings of a relief pitcher or a utility infielder. No, new Angels general manager Jerry Dipoto is aiming much higher in this race, and looking at some of the big bats in this race.

ESPN Los Angeles has the report.

Jerry Dipoto, newly appointed senior vice president and general manager of the Los Angeles Angels, says not to count out the franchise as a player in the free-agent sweepstakes for Prince Fielder and Albert Pujols.

"Don't assume that we have no interest in Fielder or Pujols," Dipoto said in an interview with baseball analyst Jim Bowden. "We don't want to lock the door. We are a high-revenue team and I'm a big believer in acquiring impact players. However, they are not our greatest need and are not priority number one on our list."

The Angels really could use help in trying to get their offense going on a more consistent basis, but it's unclear whether Dipoto would really go for a big bat like Pujols or Fielder. It doesn't seem like the sort of move Dipoto would make to try and improve his team, because he doesn't like to spend big money on one player It's far likelier that the Angels would pursue a starting pitching option to try and shore things up in the rotation and help out guys like Jered Weaver, Dan Haren and Ervin Santana.

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