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Angels Payroll Will Be North Of $130 Million

Now that the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim have signed six of their eight players eligible for salary arbitration, with a framework for the other two players, we have a good handle on what the final 2011 payroll will look like. Eventually, whether Jered Weaver and Mike Napoli go to an arbitration hearing or agree to a contract, the Angels will soon have 19 players under contract. In addition, I always seem to forget about Gary Matthews Jr., who signed the contract that keeps on giving, as the Angels are still responsible for paying him $11 million in 2011.

Thanks to the amazing work of Jeff Euston at Cot's Baseball Contracts, we can fill in the information gaps and take a look at the 2011 Angels under contract:

2011 Angels Under Contract
Player Pos 2011 Salary
Torii Hunter RF $18,000,000
Dan Haren SP $12,750,000
Scott Kazmir SP $12,000,000
Bobby Abreu LF/DH $9,000,000
Joel Pineiro SP $8,000,000
Ervin Santana SP $8,000,000
Jered Weaver
SP $7.365m / $8.8m
Mike Napoli C/1B/DH $5.3m / $6.1m
Fernando Rodney RP $5,500,000
Juan Rivera LF/DH $5,250,000
Scott Downs RP $5,000,000*
Hisanori Takahashi RP $3,800,000
Howie Kendrick 2B $3,300,000
Maicer Izturis IF $3,100,000
Erick Aybar SS $3,000,000
Kendry Morales 1B/DH $2,975,000
Alberto Callaspo IF $2,000,000
Jeff Mathis C $1,700,000
Reggie Willits OF $775,000
Gary Matthews Jr. gone $11,000,000
Totals (19 players) $127.815m - $130.05m


The Angels have $115.15 million committed to 17 players, plus Matthews, and with pending deals coming for Weaver and Napoli, the club will have between $127.815 and $130.05 million committed to 19 players. Factor in salaries somewhere near the minimum salary of $414,500 for the remaining six players, and the Angels are looking at a total payroll of over $130 million, at least, and that's before signing any other players, should they choose to add someone like Scott Podsednik or Johnny Damon, or someone of that ilk.

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