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Super Bowl 2012 Commercials: David Beckham Shows Some Skin For H&M

The Super Bowl commercials have already begun leaking well in advance of Super Bowl Sunday. One of the ads is online and features LA Galaxy star (I'm sure he's probably famous elsewhere, I haven't checked) David Beckham modeling an item of clothing from his own "Bodywear" line for the H&M chain of stores. You can check it out (and him out) after the jump.

I think that this ad is definitive proof that soccer has finally hit the mainstream in the United States. Clearly, H&M is trying to piggyback off that sweet, sweet MLS popularity that Beckham is currently riding.

In all seriousness, I hesitate to get some of these skimpy undies from H&M because:

A. My body does not quite look like that; and

B. H&M sells very inexpensive clothes, but also clothes that fall apart very fast. (It is possible that those two things are related.) I think that "bodywear" is probably an item of clothing that you don't want falling to pieces on you at an inopportune time.

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