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David Beckham still wants to play soccer, just not in MLS

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The Los Angeles Galaxy star is done with playing in the MLS but still feels he has some energy left in his legs to play elsewhere.


David Beckham says he is done with the LA Galaxy and the MLS, but not done playing soccer quite yet, the Los Angeles Times reported on Tuesday.

Beckham announced on Monday that his last game with the Galaxy will be after the MLS Cup final on Dec. 1.

"I still feel that I have something left in me as a player," he said Tuesday. "I still feel like I have one more challenge in me as a player, even at 37 years old. I still can play at a high level."

There have been rumors floating around that Beckham might follow other high-profile aging players like Alessandro Del Piero to Australia or perhaps another a league in China. Beckham isn't ruling out anywhere but the MLS.

"People have talked about my retirement. People have mentioned when I'd retire," he said. "And I actually don't feel as if I'm ready to retire yet. So that's not one of my options right now."

Despite his departure from the league, it isn't expected to be Beckham's last flirtation with the MLS. Only next time around, it will be in a much different format. Beckham has a clause in his contract with the Galaxy that allows him to become a part-owner of an MLS team, and he is expected to exercise that eventually.

"I still want to be part of this league. I still want to be an ambassador for this sport in this country," he said. "And that continues."

Until then, the world will have to wait until after the MLS Cup to see what Beckham plans on doing, as he said he will not make a decision on his future until then.