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David Beckham Will Announce Return To LA Galaxy Thursday

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The Los Angeles Times is reporting that David Beckham will return to the LA Galaxy for the 2012 season. This confirms what was told to Soccer By Ives this morning, as well as Yahoo Sports. While details about where the press conference will be held, let alone contract details, have not been released, it puts to rest any doubt that David Beckham would not suit up for the LA Galaxy in the 2012 season.

In his five year MLS career, David Beckham won one MLS Cup trophies with the LA Galaxy, two Western Conference Champion trophies, and two Supporters' Shield Trophies. He has scored eleven goals, but more impressive is his 31 assists from his center midfield position.

He set his assist high in 2011, and had his second best year in minutes played. In 2008 as well as 2011 he started 25 games, although 2008 was marred by coaching controversy on top of other controversies. 2008 was however Beckham's MLS career high in goals mark.

The rest of his MLS career is less illustrious. Those 25 games started marks are more than the number of starts in his other three years combined. He took loan offers in 2009 and 2010 with AC Milan, staying with Milan even after the MLS season started. The 2010 loan resulted in a leg injury that took significant time off his season.

It's unknown for what length of time the contract is signed for. Early reports were that it would be some sort of rolling contract, where Beckham could play until he chose not to renew. More details to come.