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Josh Hamilton signing: Angels hire 'accountability partner' from Rangers

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The Angels brought in Josh Hamilton's accountability partner he had with the Rangers.

Victor Decolongon

The Los Angeles are pulling out all the stops to ensure their $125 million invest of Josh Hamilton works out the best possible way. The background on Hamilton's drug and alcohol use is well-documented, and while he was with the Rangers they hired Shayne Kelley to be Hamilton's accountability partner.

The Angels decided to hire Kelley away from the Rangers to serve the same purpose for the Angels. Technically, Kelley will have the job title of major league staff assistant.

The reason behind the move was for Kelley to make sure Hamilton does not relapse like he did this past February, when he was spotted drinking alcohol in Dallas.

Another reason for the move is because the Angels did not put in any clause about Hamilton suffering a relapse. Kelley's role will be to serve as a mentor for Hamilton to help him make good decisions and be with him pretty much all the time, home and away. Kelley will also make sure Hamilton gets to his regularly scheduled drug tests and check-ins with the team.