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Josh Hamilton sued over Christian product line

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A small Texas-based start-up company is suing Josh Hamilton over a clothing line.

Victor Decolongon

Outfielder Josh Hamilton had a great weekend by inking a $125 million deal with the Los Angeles Angels, but on Friday some bad news was delivered, as Hamilton is being sued by Dallas-based Play Hard Pray Harder LLC. The issue is over the "Play Hard, Pray Harder" slogan which appears on the ScriptureArt website with Hamilton modeling a shirt.

ScriptureArt is the company that Hamilton's wife, Katie, co-founded in January of 2011 with the motto "with a mission to develop high quality products and designs that inspire others to develop a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ."

The dispute is that Play Hard Pray Harder had been using the phrase long before ScriptureArt, but the two companies filed for a trademark on the exact same day.

The founder of the company said that no one from the Hamilton family is currently in business with ScriptureArt. Kelly Shiley, the owner of ScriptureArt, said over the weekend that she was unaware of any lawsuit against the company. Shiley confirmed with the founder that the Hamiltons are no longer with the company that they helped launch.