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Angels sign Josh Hamilton

The Angels shocked the baseball world by signing outfielder Josh Hamilton to a five-year, $125 million contract, the second straight offseason in which they have signed a player away from the division rival Texas Rangers.

Josh Hamilton's contract is backloaded

Newly acquired Josh Hamilton's contract is worth $125 million over five years, but the deal is backloaded, which will pay him $30 million over the final two years.

What's next for the Halos?

After inking free agent outfielder Josh Hamilton to a five-year, $125 million deal over the weekend, the Los Angeles Angels are once again faced with having too many big-league ready players for too few open spots. What's their next move?

Josh Hamilton is excited about the Angels

The Los Angeles Angels held a press conference to announce the signing of Josh Hamilton, and as you might expect most of the questions asked centered around the risks of injury and addiction that come with Hamilton.

Angels to announce Hamilton signing Saturday

Hamilton surprised everyone when he signed with L.A. this past week.

Angels looking to move either Trumbo or Bourjos

The Angels have too many outfielders and not enough pitchers after the addition of Josh Hamilton's big bat earlier this week.

Hamilton to the Halos?

The Los Angeles Angels might be on the verge of signing free agent outfielder Josh Hamilton, according to several reports.