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Chivas Vs. Union: Goats Can't Score, Continue To Lose At Home

Chivas USA continue to struggle at home, once again managing no goals and gaining no points in the standings; this time with the Philadelphia Union walking away with a 0-1 victory. The goal was scored by Freddy Adu, who had a ball fall into his lap and backheeled it in to score the winning goal. The game was quite chippy, with yellow cards flying as both teams appeared frustrated with their current run of play.

The Freddy Adu came much like the other goals Chivas have given up at home this season, largely due to bad luck for the Goats. Michael Farfan sent in a nice looking low ball across the mouth of goal, surprising the Chivas back line. As a result, it bounced around in front of goal where Freddy Adu was able to use his back heel to put Philadelphia up 0-1.

The testy nature of the match heated up starting in the 75' when Keon Daniel was given a straight red for a studs up challenge, and boiled over in the 85' when Gabriel Farfan received a straight red for a two footed challenge. Peter Nowak was livid, going onto the pitch and getting sent off as well in the process.

There was some handbagging amongst the players, Dan Kennedy looked especially hot, but it was cleared up relatively quickly. Playing with nine men and no head coach, Philadelphia was still able to hold on for the final five minutes plus five minutes of stoppage time.

Not that Chivas didn't have chances. In the first half, outside the goal, all the Union had by way of shots was an Adu deflection and a Bian Carroll field goal. Chivas on the other hand forced two saves and took seven chances on goal. In the second half, the red-and-whites again had the lions share of the chances but they just didn't make any of them attractive at the finish. Especially once Philly went down to nine men, all the Union could do is sit and clear long ball after long ball in the box. Still the Goats couldn't punch one through.

Chivas go back on the road, to Dick's Sporting Goods Park in Colorado, for their next match giving Chivas fans another chance to see road Chivas. Unfortuntely for Chivas fans right now, the road version of this team just looks exponentially better than the home edition.

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