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Jean-Francois Jacques Suspended For Rest of Preseason And Five Games Of Regular Season

Ducks left-wing Jean-Francois Jacques has been punished by the NHL for instigating a fight just seconds after leaving the bench during Saturday's preseason game against the Vancouver Canucks.

Anaheim ucks left-wing Jean-Francois Jacques has been suspended by the NHL for the team's remaining two preseason games and the team's first five regular-season games following his conduct during Saturday's 4-1 preseason win against the Vancouver Canucks. Jacques left the bench during the third period and got into a fight with Canucks forward Mike Duco.

Jacques entered the game with play still in progress and went right after Duco, on the far side of the rink. Take a look at the video below and you'll see Jacques at 0:40 as he comes off the bench:

Jean-Francois Jacques "Attacks" Mike Duco (September 24 2011) (via Fel0096)

 In punishing Jacques' behavior, the NHL cited rule 70.2, which states that, ""A player who has entered play while play is in progress from his own players' bench ... who starts an altercation may be subject to discipline in accordance with Rule 28- supplementary discipline." It's not so much that Jacques got into a fight as it is that Jacques left the bench with the sole intention of starting a fight.

Jacques is currently fighting for a roster spot on the Ducks' opening day line-up, and this surely doesn't help his chances. The Ducks open their season on October 7th against the Buffalo Sabres.