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Bruce Boudreau Replaces Randy Carlyle As Anaheim Ducks Head Coach

The Anaheim Ducks have had a busy night, as they've made a sudden change in their coaching staff. Apparently you can't let an opportunity at Bruce Boudreau pass you by.

Boudreau was unemployed for all of three days after he was axed by the Washington Capitals before he was swooped up. Boudreau was apparently slated to take over for Anaheim earlier today, which meant Ducks management knew current head coach Randy Carlyle was leading his final game all day long.

Boudreau had a successful four year sting with the Capitals, making the playoffs his first several seasons, finishing first in the Southeast from 2007 to 2011. Unfortunately, he never advanced beyond the Conference Semifinals and the team wasn't performing quite as well in the regular season this year, so he was let loose.

Carlyle also had a decent amount of success and led the Ducks to the 2007 Stanley Cup, but has only made it to the second round once in the past four years. The Ducks figured a change needed to be made, and they went with another successful name to try and boost the club.

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