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Anaheim Ducks Find Goal First In Sweden

The Anaheim Ducks take an early lead in the second game of their NHL European premier, off the stick of Andrew Cogliano. The Cogliano wrist shot on Henrik Lundqvist came with 9:26 left in the first period. The Ducks’ Gordon and Smith-Pelly were credited with assists.

The teams have combined for 18 shots on goal. It’s been a hard hitting game with plenty of hard shots and plenty of penalties.

The Ducks are the pressing team since that goal, with four shots right in front of goal. The Rangers have just two in that same period of time, but most of the hard hits are coming behind the Duck goal.

The Ducks have had to play shorthanded much of the first two periods, as they’ve racked up the lions share of the penalties, but they’ve also gotten good chances while shorthanded. The Rangers haven’t shown the ability to break down the Ducks on the power play and get it into the crease.