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2013 NFL Mock Draft: Raiders add defensive lineman, Chargers bolster offensive line

The Chargers and Raiders build in the trenches in our latest mock.


The Oakland Raiders and San Diego Chargers have two of the first 11 picks in the 2013 NFL Draft.

The Raiders are sitting at No. 3, and Dan Kadar has them selecting Florida defensive tackle Sharrif Floyd at the top of the draft. The Chargers, meanwhile, grab the most athletic offensive tackle in the draft in Oklahoma's Lane Johnson.

With the way the two teams performed last season, it seems like a decent way to start turning things around is to build through the trenches. Both teams need to improve along the offensive and defensive lines and do so by getting the big guys early.

Floyd is a player that has been rising up mock drafts lately, and for good reason. He would be a great addition to Oakland's defensive line in this scenario. San Diego, meanwhile, gets a versatile offensive lineman with quick feet in Johnson. Both teams benefit.

But as we know, there's a big difference between what happens in mock drafts, and what happens in April.

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