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NFL Mock Draft 2013: USC's Matt Barkley in top 10 of CBS Sports' latest mock

Rob Rang of CBS Sports has quarterback Matt Barkley where few others do -- inside the top ten of a mock draft.


USC quarterback Matt Barkley's estimated draft position depends entirely on which mock draft you look at.

Some have Barkley in the top 5. Others have him late in the first. Still, others, like SB Nation's Dan Kadar, leave him out of the first round altogether.

CBS Sports' Rob Rang believes that Barkley will find his way into the first round, into the top 10 and to the Arizona Cardinals at No. 7.

Matt Barkley, QB, Southern California: With Kevin Kolb, John Skelton, Ryan Lindley and Brian Hoyer all unable to ease the Cardinals' quarterback concerns, the race could be on to find the next option...The knock on Barkley is, of course, that he relied upon terrific receivers while at USC. He'd be able to do the same with Larry Fitzgerald in Arizona. Furthermore, his mobility, intelligence and underrated arm make him a nice fit in new head coach Bruce Arian's offense.

Rang makes a good point with the Arizona Cardinals, as they are a team that makes sense for Barkley. But he overlooks one major aspect of this selection: comparisons to Matt Leinart.

They're already underway. A USC quarterback who would have been a top draft pick goes back to school for one more year and plummets down the list of prospects. Leinart and Barkley can both lay claim to that story. And Leinart went to the Cardinals and struggled his way into a career backup role.

So in NFL terms, the Cardinals and Barkley are an appropriate fit. In other get-ready-for-thousands-of-comparison-graphics terms, it's unbearable.