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Dwight Howard working to improve free throws

Howard has struggled with free throw shooting throughout his career, but a recent change in his stance has led to some improved results.

Debby Wong-USA TODAY Sports

Whether it be Dwight Howard, Shaquille O'Neal or any other prolific big man in Los Angeles Lakers history, free throws have seemingly always been an issue.

After starting off the year with poor free throw shooting numbers, Howard has recently changed up the way he sets his feet while at the charity stripe. For a guy who has hit less than 60 percent of his free throws over the course of his career, the adjustment would be a welcome change for himself and the coaching staff.

As this article from Ben Bolch of the Los Angeles Times details, Howard has spent the last month standing six inches back of the free throw line after being fouled.

Having noticed that many of his shots were bouncing off the back of the rim, Howard has moved his feet about six inches behind the free-throw line over the last month or so.

The half-step back has resulted in some forward movement in precision.

"The success can't be measured by numbers right now," Howard said Tuesday. "The success is measured by consistency, and for the most part I've been consistent."

Since moving back a couple of inches, the Lakers big man has hit 56 of his 91 free throw attempts, which is 61.5 percent. That still isn't a great number, but for a guy who really struggled to shoot the ball in the early going, Howard will happily take it.

On Tuesday night, Howard made five of his 10 free throw attempts while taking on the 76ers.