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UCLA Vs. Nebraska: Jim Mora Likens QB Taylor Martinez To Jeff Garcia

As the UCLA Bruins prepare for Saturday's game against the Nebraska Cornhuskers, UCLA head coach Jim Mora is preparing for the difficulties brought forth by Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez.

When asked about Martinez at Wednesday practice, coach Mora compared him to a young Jeff Garcia, knowing that he can always get the job done.

"Most people that are motivated by external things, I don't know if that's real competitive desire," Mora said. "This guy is a great competitor, regardless of whether or not he wanted to go to school here or not. I compared him to Jeff Garcia, who was one of the fiercest competitors I've ever been around. They are kind of the same stature, people questioned their arm strength. Jeff had a great career in the NFL and played in the Pro Bowl. Taylor is a lot like that. People have questioned his arm, but I think he proved on Saturday that he can stand there and throw it. We all know he can run."

We'll see how the Bruins handle him come Saturday.

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