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USC Football: Lane Kiffin Bizarre Press Conference Video

USC Trojans football head coach Lane Kiffin has had a rough week. He banned a reporter from practice for talking about injuries independent of practice reports, and USC was later forced to reinstate the reporter. The head coach took a #2 ranked Trojan team to Palo Alto, and then saw them get undressed by Stanford and see many of their national championship aspirations get taken apart. When asked about the game the week afterwards, Kiffin seemed to deflect blame from himself by pointing out many of the mistakes of his players

Like I said, not the best week for Kiffin, at least PR-wise.

That being said, this is pretty bizarre, even for him. Kiffin started off his press conference today seemingly in a good mood, but when someone asked him for more information than he was willing to give, his response was somewhat churlish.

A thirty second presser that seems to indicate Kiffin will only ask what he's willing to answer? If Lane was trying to draw attention away from his program, this is probably not the best way to go about it.

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