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Blake Griffin Says Clippers 'Not Worried About Just The Lakers'

A man who found his Los Angeles Clippers in the same situation of hype last offseason, forward Blake Griffin knows that the revamped Los Angeles Lakers aren't the only team his team will need to worry about.

Griffin acknowledged that adding Steve Nash and Dwight Howard to the Lakers looks solid in theory, but he also told The Oklahoman that what looks good on paper only draws attention away from the other NBA contenders.

"I think there's a lot of tough teams in the Western Conference. There's one right here (in Oklahoma City) that the Lakers have to get over," Griffin said. "The Spurs have been a good team for the past 500 years. And I think we're preparing for that. So that's kind of what you expect people to do. You expect them to hand out the trophy in the middle of the summer. So we're not worried about that. We're not worried about just the Lakers."

Griffin has firsthand experience that the roster resume is only the beginning to going deep in the playoffs. Chris Paul joined the Clippers last year, causing expectations to rise. But the Spurs swept the Clippers in the second round of the playoffs.

The Clippers themselves have made solid rosters updates this offseason by bringing on Lamar Odom, Grant Hill and Jamal Crawford. However it's sliced, the Lakers won't have it easy.

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