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Magic Johnson Calls Dodgers Biggest Investment He's Ever Made

Magic Johnson told Jon Frankel of HBO's Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel that the $50 million check he wrote to become an ownership partner with the Los Angeles Dodgers organization was the biggest he's ever written.

When asked whether or not he had any reservations with writing the check, he told Frankel, "It wasn't that moment though. The moment was when I had to go home and tell my wife...[laughs] I said, 'Honey, sit down.'"

Also in the interview, he recalled his upbringing and how much hard work it took to get to the point where he could afford such an expenditure.

"I worked really hard. I saw my dad go to work every day at General Motors and on his trash-hauling truck," Johnson said. "I understood how he valued every dollar."

The Dodgers are currently in the midst of a playoff race and sit just one game back of one of two Wild Card spots as of Monday. The team recently completed a blockbuster trade with the Boston Red Sox that brought first baseman Adrian Gonzalez, starting pitcher Josh Beckett and outfielder Carl Crawford to the Dodgers.

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