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Pac-12 Commissioner Considering Mandatory Injury Reports

There could come a day soon when Pac-12 football teams are required to release mandatory injury reports. Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott said as much to the Los Angeles Times on Saturday at halftime of the USC-Stanford game.

This would a major victory for media that cover the conference. To have NFL-style reports during the week and final status updates on players on the last full practice day before a game would make reporters' jobs a lot easier, instead of having to speculate as to why a player missed practice with no information required from the head coach, as is the present system.

Imagine this in print online or in your newspaper, or even spoken via broadcast media: "USC wide receiver Robert Woods is listed as questionable with a sore left hamstring. He is expected to play."

That's just a hypothetical, but an injury report would force coaches, such as the notoriously surly Chip Kelly at Oregon, to address whatever injuries are on the report.

Scott said the issue will be on the agenda at the next conference athletic directors' meeting in October.

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