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How LeBron's Agent Switch Affects Chris Paul

LeBron James' current agent, Rich Paul, is breaking off from the powerful Creative Artists Agency (CAA) to become an independent agent, and James is following his agent away from the firm led by highly-regarded agent Leon Rose.

The bloggers at Clips Nation think this might have some aftershocks hitting the Los Angeles Clippers. See, Chris Paul and Eric Bledsoe are two notable CAA-represented players on the roster, and it's known that Paul is close to Rich Paul as well. So with a new faction coming in the form of the Klutch Sports Management group, what does that mean for the Clippers?

From Clips Nation's Steve Perrin:

(...) we can safely say that the big agents and agencies wield power in the NBA and teams want to remain in their good graces. No team wants to get Falked. We may not know what all this means, but one thing is clear -- by becoming LeBron James' agent, Rich Paul and Klutch Management just entered the upper echelon of agents and agencies, and through Eric Bledsoe and possibly Chris Paul the Clippers will be dealing with Rich Paul on some level. How it will affect the future of the team is anyone's guess.

It's hard to make any proclamations based on how little we know.

This news does, however, mean that the Clippers will be affected by the split at CAA. The business of sports agents don't get a lot of publicity, but within the innerworkings of the NBA, today's news that circled around LeBron James will in all likelihood be a deeper change in the landscape of the league than meets the eye.

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