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Lane Kiffin Apologizes For USC Reporter Ban

USC Trojans head coach Lane Kiffin apologized Thursday for the athletic department's ban placed on Los Angeles Daily News reporter Scott Wolf.

Kiffin, via the Orange County Register:

"And after from hearing from Scott's people and what Scott was trying to get done wasn't against what we're trying to say," Kiffin told reporters after Thursday's practice. "Scott's back. I apologize if that was taken the wrong way. We viewed it differently."

Kiffin went on to say that while there isn't necessarily a right or a wrong in Scott's report that USC kicker Andre Heidari underwent knee surgery, the athletic department and newspaper editors will further discuss how the news can be reported without the Trojans losing a competitive advantage.

Scott was back at practice on Thursday, a day after the ban was lifted. He was originally suspended because the athletic department said Scott violated USC's policy to not report player injuries based off of practice observation. Scott's reporting was not practice-based.

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