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Andrew Bynum Rumors: Dwight Howard Trade Call Scheduled For Friday

So the wheels are in motion for a complicated four-way trade that would send Dwight Howard to the Los Angeles Lakers and Andrew Bynum to the Philadelphia 76ers. One good sign that something is happening is the presence of a scheduled trade call, which is a good sign that something is in line to happen.

Normally teams don't schedule trade calls unless they're ready to get a deal put in place. In this case you'd have to imagine there would be a lot of demand to get the Howard-Bynum deal all wrapped up. However, there are so many variables in play you have to think the situation is too fluid that this thing will be finished by the end of Friday's business hours. There's a long way to go before Howard and Bynum (and maybe Pau Gasol) end up on new basketball teams next season. Many teams will have to agree to certain things that they may not find favorable in the final basketball arithmetic of the deal.

Or it could be over. In which case our long national nightmare will have ended.

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