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Blake Griffin Says Knee Is 'Pretty Much' 100%

Blake Griffin says he's 100% healthy. That's great news for Lob City.

Griffin told the Los Angeles Times that he's been operating at 100% for a while now. Surgery to repair torn cartilage in his left knee prevented him from participating in the London Olympics this summer.

"I came back after surgery and started rehabbing and getting back into it. I've been shooting and lifting [weights] and all that for a while now," Griffin said. "So I'm pretty much back at 100%, been back 100% for a little bit. So I'm good."

Now that Griffin is healthy, the Clippers can start looking forward to rolling out a deep, experienced lineup due to all the pickups the organization was able to make this summer, including Lamar Odom, Jamal Crawford, Grant Hill and the return of Chauncey Billups.

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