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Blake Griffin Reportedly 100% Healthy After Surgery

Clippers fans everywhere held their collective breaths as former No. 1 pick, Blake Griffin, underwent yet another knee surgery in July as he prepared for the Olympics. Griffin already missed his rookie season with a broken kneecap and had been battling various injuries throughout his career, including the torn meniscus he suffered a little more than a month ago.

Here is the latest from the LA Times on his knee, which he says is 100% healthy:

"I came back after surgery and started rehabbing and getting back into it. I've been shooting and lifting [weights] and all that for a while now," Griffin told The Times in telephone interview Friday. "So, I'm pretty much back at 100%, been back at 100% for a little bit. So I'm good."

It'll be interesting to see how Griffin looks once he makes his return to the basketball court. While he can say his surgically repaired knee is healthy, the only real way to know is once he starts trying for his highlight reel dunks and begins getting up and down the floor.

The Clippers are scheduled to begin training camp in a little less than two months.

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