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USC Football Camp: Marqise Lee Reacts To Kirk Herbstreit's High Praise

ESPN's Kirk Herbstreit ranked USC sophomore Marqise Lee as the best receiver in the nation in his Herbie Awards, and asked about the high praise on Wednesday, the Trojans wide receiver was flattered but humble.

Lee need not look far to find someone who disagrees with Herbstreit's statement. Teammate Robert Woods, a junior, has been the Trojans' best receiver for the past couple of years but Herbie placed Woods at No. 3 in his wide receiver rankings.

The numbers are favorable to Woods. He led the team in 2011 with 1,292 yards and 111 catches for 15 touchdowns last season. While Lee wasn't far off with 1,143 yards on 73 catches for 11 touchdowns, you could make the argument that all the attention sent Woods' way has something to do with the success of the then-freshman.

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