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VIDEO: USC Football's John McKay Athletic Center

The USC Trojans are getting their new facility dedicated today, which probably isn't important to anyone. What is probably important for all of you is the video tour they offered the media, which allows us a peak into the brand-spanking new facilities USC has put out for its players. Check it out after the jump!

You can see the biggest thing about the new facility is all the space afforded to it. The weight room is huge. The various other athletic training parts are huge. There's a solid indoor practice field about 20-25 yards that should allow for some valuable practice work for whenever the players need it.

Another solid feature seems to be all the props dedicated to USC history. The Trojans have one of the strongest traditions of athletic excellence in the country, rivalled probably only by their California rivals, Texas and Florida on a major level. It's one of the most important features of their history.

USC's new center will definitely be mentioned among the top athletic facilities in the conference. The litmus test: Will it impress recruits just as much as Oregon's facilities do?

Click here for more photos of the facilities from Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports.

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