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Jury Says Anaheim Ducks GM Didn't Assault Woman in Press Box

A federal court jury wouldn't award damages to a woman who said Anaheim Ducks GM Bob Murray assaulted her with a chair at Joe Louis Arena the night the Ducks were knocked out of the 2009 Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Rachel Paris claimed that Murray attacked her in a rage following the loss. Murray disputed the story by saying he merely angrily pushed two heavy chairs in the press box in an attempt to get to his team's dressing room.

The jurors told the Free Press that Paris deserved damages because of injuries sustained during the event, but not because Murray intentionally assaulted her. Unfortunately, Paris' previous lawyer failed to include a negligence count in the lawsuit which would have allowed the jury to award her damages based off the accident.

Witnesses saw Paris get hit by a chair but no one testified that Murray deliberately attacked her. Paris claimed to be knocked against a wall in the narrow press box and sustained a debilitating shoulder injury.

The jury announced its verdict after deliberating for 45 minutes following the five-day trial.