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Former Dodger Jeff Kent To Compete On Survivor

Should people really be surprised? These days, anyone can appear on any TV "reality" show, and baseball fans will recognize one Jeff Kent on "Survivor: Philippines," which premieres Sept. 19 on CBS.

Kent joins Lisa Whelchel -- you may remember her as Blair Warner from "The Facts of Life" 1980s sitcom -- as celebrities on the show this coming season. Both hope the other contestants are unaware of their fame and accomplishments.

Not likely. But Kent did tell Entertainment Weekly's website that he has "a chip on my shoulder" and that he hates to lose. You can see Kent's comments and a video here.

The other contestants might not remember the notoriously prickly Kent for his hitting and his one National League Most Valuable Player award, but baseball fans remember Kent for his criticism of the Dodgers' emphasis on playing younger players as they slid out of contention for the NL West title in late 2007.

Maybe Kent will have some similar words for the younger "Survivor" contestants trying to beat him for the money. Plus Nancy McKeon was everyone's favorite Facts of Life actress, right?