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USC Football: Matt Barkley's Favorite Football Play

The USC Trojans are going to be riding behind Heisman hopeful Matt Barkley this season, so if you're a college football fan you should probably get to know him more.

Chris Brown of Smart Football writes a recurring column at Grantland, and today he touches on the play Barkley refers to as his favorite. Barkley did a question-and-answer session on Reddit a month or so ago, where he would go on the popular community and field questions from individuals. He was asked about his favorite play and this is what he said.

"Solo Personel [sic]. 'Z Mo to Trouble Right 82 Stay Sluggo Z Win.' On Two. TD."

Brown talks a little bit more about the play.

Barkley takes a three-step drop and pump fakes to the slant. If the sluggo receiver is open after breaking back up the field, Barkley will toss him the ball up the sideline for a big play. But more often than not, the defense overreacts not only to the pump fake but also to the second part of the route. This opens up the "Z win" on the backside. Let's look at an example of exactly that.

Obviously this sounds like gibberish if you don't know anything about football, so read the whole post here.

The 82 Sluggo Route is one of those plays that's very difficult to defend if the offense is operating correctly. When you have first round lottery picks like Matt Kalil blocking for you and top receiving talents like Robert Woods and Marqise Lee catching for you, you're operating on a level few other college football offenses can muster.

Expect to see plenty of 82 Sluggo this season in USC's march to try and reach the BCS title game.

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