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VIDEO: Dee Gordon, Jerry Hairston Jr. Audition For 'The Expendables'

Have you guys seen The Expendables? Yeah, me neither.

But the folks over at the MLB Fan Cave have, and with the recent release of The Expendables 2, they are already looking to cast the third installment of the film series. But this time with baseball players.

Amongst those auditioning were Los Angeles Dodgers Dee Gordon and Jerry Hairston Jr., along with a number of notable names from around the league. One thing is for certain though, none of these guys will be getting an acting job anytime soon.

Each player is doing their own impression of an actor that appears in the film. Jerry Hairston gives his best crack at being Chuck Norris and Sylvester Stallone, while Dee Norris tries out as Arnold Schwarzenegger. I must admit, Hairston does a pretty funny Sly impersonation, he'd be the one out of all these guys worth hiring.

You can check out the complete video below:

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