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Melky Cabrera Suspension: Dodgers Now Favored To Win NL West

The Melky Cabrera suspension has clearly changed the outlook of the playoff picture in the NL West. Prior to his 50-game suspension for a positive PED test, the Giants and Dodgers were both at 11/10 to win the division according to online sportsbook Bovada. But now that the Giants have lost their top hitter, the outlook of the entire race has been greatly altered.

New odds have the Dodgers (who currently hold a half-game lead over the Giants) as 2/3 favorites to win the NL West, with the Giants falling down to 5/4. The loss of Cabrera has not only affected the odds for the NL West, but also the odds for both teams to win the World Series.

Before the Cabrera suspension, the Giants were 12/1 and the Dodgers had 14/1 odds. Now the Dodgers have moved up to 9/1 and the Giants have fallen back to 15/1. Of course, all of these odds will continue to change over the next few games.

Bovada sportsbook manager Kevin Bradley noted that "the next few games will give us a better understanding of how much he really meant to the Giants." Of course, should the Giants make it to the World Series, they would have Cabrera back in the lineup.

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