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Pac-12 Networks Launch: The Nuts And Bolts

The Pac-12 Networks launch officially at 6 p.m. PT on Wednesday, and the debut of Larry Scott's distribution efforts have already begun.

The Conference of Champions already rebranded its website, changing the web address from to They've also released the digital channel on the website called Pac-12 Now, which is open to subscribers of the already-signed cable television providers.

Avinash Kunnath of Pacific Takes pointed out that at 48 million households, the launch already exceeds the reach of the Big Ten Network's debut. Bright House, Comcast, Cox and Time Warner have reached deals with the Pac-12, but satellite providers DISH and Direc TV, along with Verizon aren't yet signed with the network.

But John Wilner points out that there are holes, specifically, in how those cable companies are deciding to define the Pac-12 footprint.

In other words: the national network won't be available in Orange County, Palos Verdes, Santa Barbara or San Diego.

The reason: "With TV Everywhere, customers can get the other games online. There's not a lot of value-add for us to use two channels," spokesperson Amy Quinn said.

The Los Angeles feed will be on a basic level of service in O.C. and Palos Verdes. It will be on a sports tier in San Diego and Santa Barbara (no surprise there: both are outside the USC/UCLA home market).

Oddly enough, students on the USC campus may not be able to view Pac-12 Network games due to their carrier.

In short, there are patches to stitch up. Pac-12 fans across the country may be upset, but the digital brand is expected to come together, as should the holes in the cable providers.