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Pac-12 Network Asks Reggie Bush For Endorsement

The world of college and professional athletics is a funny one.

Reggie Bush has caused more headaches for the USC Trojans than 50 screaming babies could, all because of improper benefits he received while playing his college ball. And all of this came after he made millions of dollars for the NCAA and their sponsors as the entire nation tuned into his games each Saturday.

Bush had nearly all of his college achievements stripped, including his Heisman Trophy from 2005. He has every right to be furious with the NCAA for their silly rules surrounding amateur athletes.

So when the Pac-12 asked Bush to promote and spread the word about their new Pac-12 Network, you have to chuckle at least a little bit.

Here was the tweet:

Just a little ironic if you ask me.

The new Pac-12 Network is scheduled to launch on Wednesday, August 15.

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