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PHOTO: USC Football Sword Sculpture Outside McKay Center

If you're familiar with the USC Trojans, you might know their mascot is a reflection of the ancient culture of Troy. Trojans are meant to be not only warriors, but resilient, scholarly, beautiful individuals who are able to stand for new things and new cultures.

One of the emblematic figures in all of college football is the Trojan riding on top of a horse to the middle of the Los Angeles Coliseum, where it then stabs the center of the 50 yard line with its sword. It is one of those rites of tradition that lets everyone know the college football season is here.

Makes sense to pay tribute to that sword with a sculpture that pays tribute to the ideals of USC, doesn't it? Ryan Abraham provides us with an up-close look of this new sculpture on campus.

USC has been making huge upgrades this season to their new facilities, and this sculpture provides another nice, finishing touch.

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