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Dwight Howard In a Lakers Uniform Sends Ticket Prices Through the Roof

Dwight Howard's contribution to the Los Angeles Lakers' 2012-2013 season has only been in publicity photos so far, but the other impact he is starting to make is on Lakers ticket prices.

The is reporting that Lakers games, which used to average a borderline crazy $156 per seat is now creeping/skyrocketing up since the Lakers made several high-profile roster overhauls. Granted, this average also includes the huge disparity between a nosebleed seat and sitting next to Jack Nicholson.

Even after the Nash acquisition July 4, General Manager Mike Janes said average ticket prices climbed up to a relatively modest $175. The price then increased to $250 by the end of July, with Janes suggesting the market anticipated the Lakers would make another blockbuster deal. It predicted correctly.

It is no surprise that ticket prices and demand are rising for the Lakers, as after the acquisition of Howard they were instantly launched into the title contention chatter. However, some of the marquee games are getting a bit out of control. The defending champs will only set you back $575 per ticket on January 17. A Christmas Day present to the significant other against the Knicks is merely $450.

The addition of Howard brings along massive levels of hype, which current ticket owners will be able to cash in on easily as a city of fans wish they could attend a game.

"There's more sellers wanting higher asking prices to selling the tickets," (Mike Janes) said. "The second thing is more will make the decision to go to more games. That will push supply down. In this supply-demand balance, there will be a lot of demand. If the supply isn't what's it's been in the past, buyers will have to compete more for tickets."

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