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Olympic Medal Count: USC Trojans Have Most Individual College Medalists

The USC Trojans have another accolade to add to their list: Most Individual College Medalists at the 2012 Olympic Games. Of all the universities represented by Olympians, the Trojans' 24 medals edged out the University of Florida's medal count of 21. Much of USC's success can be attributed to the strong swimming and track & field programs that accounted for 10 and 6 medals, respectively.

Of all the medal winners from Southern Cal, the standout was USC alum Allyson Felix. The track superstar cleaned up by taking gold in all three of her races. While at USC, Felix was not on the school's track team as she had already begun to compete professionally; however, she did complete her degree from the school and can be counted amongst the winners representing alma maters.

Other notables included: Silver medalists Jen Kessey and April Ross in beach volleyball; gold and silver medalist swimmer Rebecca Soni; and gold and silver medalist Clemente Lefert, part of the French team that beat the US (i.e. Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte) in the men's 4x100 freestyle.

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