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Lakers Offseason 2012: Payroll Stands At Almost $100 Million For 2012-13 Season

It takes large amounts of paper to be the boss. But the Lakers are used to it by now.

After acquiring Dwight Howard, Chris Duhon and Earl Clark on Friday along with the signings of Devin Ebanks and Jodie Meeks, the payroll for only 14 players has ballooned to $99.7 million for the 2012-13 season. One more spot on the roster still needs to be filled and more than likely that spot will go to one of the Lakers second round picks - either Darius Johnson-Odom or Robert Sacre - which will put a little less than half a million more on the payroll.

This puts the Lakers in position to pay almost $30 million ($29.4 million to be exact) next June in luxury tax payments. They call them luxury tax because it's a luxury that the Lakers can afford to take on such a financial burden as they have aggressively reshaped their roster into an on-paper powerhouse capable to toppling the reigning Western Conference champion Oklahoma City Thunder and defending NBA Champion Miami Heat,

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