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2012 Olympics: Team USA Leads In Gold & Overall Medal Count

The United States now has a comfortable lead in the medal count from London thanks to another big day on Friday. They had been battling with China atop the leaderboard for the No. 1 spot, but it appears the U.S. will hold onto the lead as the Olympics wrap up this weekend.

Here is a look at the medal standings through August 10.

United States - 94; 41 gold, 26 silver, 27 bronze
China - 81; 37 gold, 25 silver, 19 bronze
Russia - 63; 15 gold, 21 silver, 27 bronze
Great Britain - 57; 25 gold, 15 silver, 17 bronze
Germany - 42; 10 gold, 18 silver, 14 bronze

The full medal standings are here, courtesy of SI.

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