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Olympic Medal Count: U.S. Tied With China at 17

The U.S. added six more medals today to tie with China at 17 total medals for the 2012 London Olympics.

The U.S. won two of each kind of medal, garnering four more off of the strength of the swim team. The U.S. also won a bronze in judo and another bronze in diving.

12 of the 17 medals have come from the swim team.

China has nine gold medals compared to the U.S. at five. Japan is trying to keep it a three-horse race with 11 medals overall. Italy sits in fourth place at eight, with France and South Korea rounding out the top five with seven medals each.

Four more swimming events will award medals tomorrow so the U.S. has a good shot to bolster its lead.

For a complete tally of the medals won, use's Medal Tracker.

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