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USA Weightlifting: Sarah Robles Ready To Go For Gold

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Proving her doubters wrong has been a large part of USA weightlifter Sarah Robles life, and is looking to make a name for herself by bringing home a gold medal at the 2012 Olympic Games in London.

The San Jacinto, CA native has been doing her training in Mesa, AZ, and is one of the top 10 super heavyweights in the world going into her first Olympics in 2012. Robles currently is the reigning four-time U.S. champion and won at the Olympic trials in March by lifting a personal best 576.6 pounds; and she's only been doing this since 2008.

But Robles won't stop until she gets the gold, to which she'll have to lift close to 600 pounds if she wants to be in contention. Though if she gets her hands on that medal, she might smelt it down and sell it for cash.

the 23-year old Robles had been living on a $400 a month stipend from the USA Weightlifting, though is making the most of her short Olympic spotlight by recently landing a couple of crucial sponsors. Just another hurdle that she has been determined to overcome.

"Whatever drove me, I wanted that. It really had nothing to do with your size or your ability. It had to do with your leadership skills, your improvement and your passion."

Now her eyes are on the Olympic prize, and Robles usually gets what she wants.

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