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London Olympics 2012: No Opening Ceremony Online Stream, Tape-Delayed Only

For the most part, the London Olympics will finally be viewable to all Americans live. After being initially restrictive on how much of the Olympic games viewers in the United States would be able to watch live (particularly for prime events like swimming, track, gymnastics and diving), NBC is now allowing full online live streaming coverage of the games via the international feed, which will allow those watching from home who can't wait for the TV result to get it as it's happening.

Unfortunately, some habits won't ever change, as the opening ceremony will remain delayed for everyone in America to see.

The Olympic Opening Ceremony will start at 7:30 p.m. on the West Coast, but the East Coast will get it at 7:30 their time too, so we'll be even further behind in coverage, as the Olympics opening ceremony gets going at 9 p.m. London time. Ryan Hudson of SB Nation has more on why this is happening.

"We are live streaming every sporting event, all 32 sports and 302 medals. It was never our intent to live stream the Opening Ceremony or Closing Ceremony," said the NBC spokesperson when reached for comment.

"They are complex entertainment spectacles that do not translate well online because they require context, which our award-winning production team will provide for the large primetime audiences that gather together to watch them. We will be providing clips and highlights of each ceremony online so viewers know what to look forward to in primetime on NBC."

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