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2012 British Open Odds: Tiger Woods Favored, But Probably Not A Good Bet

Tiger Woods is a decent golfer again, meaning there's a distinct possibility he could win major tournaments. Which means everyone bets on him, which means he's the favorite to win the 2012 British Open. Hey, I'm just telling you how these things work.

According to whatever sportsbook you frequent, there's a good chance you've got pretty low odds for Woods regardless of which book you're betting at. Woods currently possesses odds of 7.5 to 1 from JustBet Sportsbook, 7.75 to 1 from 5Dimes, and 8 to 1 from Bovada. He's the big favorite according to everyone.

However, these odds are all extremely low for a golfer who hasn't won The Open since 2006. Woods hasn't had a top ten finish since his last victory, finishing in a tie for 12th, 23rd, missing the cut once, and not playing two other times. This isn't the type of performance you're particularly keen on banking on in terms of an overwhelming favorite, particularly considering the overall lack of success at the event.

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