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NFL In Los Angeles: Buffalo Bills And Erie County Talk Lease

There are a few candidates for relocation of an NFL team to Los Angeles, and the Buffalo Bills are one of the more prominent targets. The Bills have not always been the most stable team because there are concerns that once a new owner takes over from the aging Ralph Wilson, they will try and move the team to a more profitable area. The NFL seems to want to keep the team in Buffalo, but you never know until ownership changes hands and their intentions are known.

It seems a recent development is also worth looking into regarding the future of the Bills in Buffalo. Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk files this report.

According to the Buffalo News, Eric County executive Mark Poloncarz wants an “ironclad” lease that the team won’t be able to break during its anticipated duration of 10-to-15 years.

“That’s all part of the negotiations,” Poloncarz said. “I want to ensure that we have a lease that keeps the Bills here for many years to come.”

To get terms that will make it difficult if not impossible for the team to move, the negotiating process will require Erie County to make extra concessions, such as cheaper rent or a greater contribution toward expected renovations.

It might not be the biggest story overall, but it's something worth keeping an eye on along with other stadium redevelopment issues throughout the country until the NFL awards Los Angeles a new team.

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