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Pacquiao vs. Bradley Undercard Results: Jorge Arce, Jesus Rojas Fight To No Contest

Jorge Arce and Jesus Rojas appeared to be on their way to a very entertaining scrap, but the bout was halted in the second round and ruled a no contest after Arce couldn’t recover after an unintentional foul blow by Rojas.

In the first round, Arce knocked Rojas down about 20 seconds in, and it looked as though it might be a quick night. However, Rojas fought back well, hitting Arce with a few clean shots as the two tussled right to the bell. As the second round opened, Rojas came after Arce and hit him with a low blow and a headbutt, then a shot to the back/kidney area, and with Arce spun around, Rojas nailed him straight in the ear. Arce couldn’t get up from the shot, and said after the fight that his equilibrium was off, and referee Kenny Bayless ruled that Arce was hurt on an unintentional foul, thus ending the fight as a no decision.

Arce remained at 60-6-2 with 46 KOs, while Rojas stayed at 18-1-1, 13 KOs.