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Chris Paul Rumors: Clippers PG Probably Displeased With Neil Olshey Leaving

Los Angeles Clippers general manager Neil Olshey was responsible for bring Chris Paul to L.A. He swung the deal that brought Paul to a team that was able to contend in the Western Conference. And now he's gone! You have to imagine Paul has to be pleased with this turn of events.

No he's not. Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated had this to say about CP3 must feel about Olshey's departure.

If Paul isn't happy with his general manager heading out, then you can only think it's going to be harder to retain his services in a year when he becomes a free agent. The Clippers point guard is approaching his prime, and he needs to be put in the best possible situation if he expects to win a championship. It'll be crucial for L.A. to keep Blake Griffin to ensure Paul wants to come back. Letting a solid general manager go cannot help the image of the team in their superstar's mind.

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